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Match Rules

Precision Rifle - Prone / Static

  • Safety first. No loaded rifles until you are on the firing line ready to begin the course of fire. Chamber flags required when rifles are on the firing line before and after course of fire

  • 30 rounds required for score. Course of fire is ten targets, three rounds per target  

  • No rifles with bores over 30 caliber. .338 and up is not permitted at the facilities

  • Match will be broken down in to two classes. Mil/Tac and Open class. Mil/Tac class includes includes .223/5.56, .308/7.62 NATO, 300 Winchester Magnum and Open class includes everything else 30 caliber or under including wildcats

  • $20 fee per relay per match. Cash only at this time. You may shoot in multiple relays as well as shoot in both classes if you wish. Scores will be calculated and emailed out after the match is complete

  • No sighters, cold bore or fouling shots on firing line before course of fire. You may check your zero at our 100yd range prior to shooting for score

  •  Please register on the registration / contact tab to let us know how many shooters we will have on match day. Please provide all information requested so we may build the shooting schedule appropriately 

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